What is PLR?

PLR is short for Private Label Rights and these are readymade products that you can purchase and use as your own.  You can put your own name to it as the author and make as many changes to it as you like.

PLR rights will vary from place to place depending on where you buy it.  With our PLR you can basically do whatever you want with the PLR other than resell the articles as they are.  You can rewrite the articles or bundle them into a report to sell, but you can’t sell them as they are now.

What Can You Do With Quality PLR?

  • You can use the articles to post onto your blog
  • You can use the articles to add content to your website
  • You can use the articles to form a report to give away or sell
  • You can use the articles to create an ebook
  • You can use the articles to submit to article directories only if you rewrite the article.

When using PLR on your own blog or website you can use the articles as they are or you can rewrite them, that is completely up to you.  Some people like to have unique articles, but find that buying PLR and rewriting them gives them the unique article but saves a lot of time since they don’t need to do research and start an article from scratch.

All of my article packs are limited and will only be sold to 50 people.

The reason we restrict the number of article packs sold is so that there aren’t thousands of copies of the same article floating around the internet.

Just click on the categories on the right to find the article pack you need.

What My Customers Are Saying…

Excellent articles again!! (You have a big fan).
These articles are perfect for the site I am building, just as the blogging articles were.

Please keep me informed for future offers.


Very good quality articles.

I normally do not buy articles that I cannot turn around and resell in ebook form, but this package is way worth it. Very under priced.

Thanks much,

Thanks Sheryl. I ordered the Blogging PLR set. It is amazing quality. Eagar to purchase other similar stuffs too..

What You CAN Do With Your PLR Articles

- You can use these articles on your blog or website
- You can put your own name on them as author
- You can break them up into smaller articles or blog posts
- You can add your own affiliate links to each article
- You can rewrite them
- You can use them for your newsletter or autoresponder
- You can combine them together to form a report or ebook

What You CAN’T Do With Your PLR Articles

- You can’t sell them elsewhere unless you completely rewrite them first
- You can’t put any of our content into another PLR packages unless you rewrite them first
- You can’t submit them to article directories unless you completely rewrite them first
- You can’t resell the articles, nor may you resell any of the rights to them unless you completely rewrite them first

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