PLR Rewrite

I Will Rewrite My PLR Packs Just For You

That’s right!  I will rewrite any PLR pack you want so that all 10 articles will be ‘unique’ to you!

I usually charge $15 for one unique article!  Or a bulk price of 10 unique articles for $130.

With this offer, you choose what PLR article pack you would like rewritten and I will rewrite every article in that pack for $5 per article.

So for $50 you will have 10 unique articles – that is 50% off the price of having unique articles written.

Just $5 per article!

Sure you can use the PLR articles on your website as they are, but we all know that unique content is best for search engine optimization.  So most people will rewrite their articles before publishing them on their site.

The there is article marketing and it is essential to rewrite PLR articles before using them in your article marketing campaign.  You can’t submit PLR articles to many article directories so you do need to rewrite them.  If you don’t have time to rewrite them yourself or don’t like rewriting articles, then I will do it for you.

You do not need to buy the article pack first, just purchase my ‘Rewrite’ service using the order link below and you will then be redirected to a page where you can fill in the details of the pack that you want rewritten.

I don’t use article spinners, in fact I hate article spinners, so you don’t have to worry about receiving spun articles.  Each rewrite will be hand written by myself and the quality will be as good as that of my PLR packs.

I might only offer this deal for a limited time.  To keep these articles to a good quality standard I can only take on so many order and my time will be full.  I don’t want to rush articles because I don’t want the quality to suffer.  So I may close this offer at any time if I have enough rewriting work.

So the deal again – 1 pack of 10 articles rewritten so that they will be unique for just $50 – that is just $5 per article.

Grab this bargain offer while you can!


Note:  This offer is only available to PLR packs with 10 articles per pack.  If you would like a different PLR product or articles rewritten then please use the contact page to let me know what pack or product you would like rewritten and I can do it based on the price of $1 per 100 words.


This offer is only available with my PLR packs sold on this website.  If you would like other PLR or your own articles rewritten then please CLICK HERE to see my prices.

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