How to Make PLR Content 100% Unique

11 Sneaky Tricks to Make PLR Content 100% Unique

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Having great content is now more important than ever for attracting potential customers to your website. Unfortunately, creating original and captivating content isn’t easy. It takes a lot of time, and requires a lot of skill.

Alternatively, you can pay a professional writer to research and write original content from scratch, but this can be really expensive. Great writers can cost $20-$50 per hour, or even more. For most small businesses this just isn’t a feasible solution for their content needs.

If you want to save a lot of that time and money then buying PLR content is a great way to go. Ready-made PLR materials can provide plenty of great content to fill up your website for a small fraction of what you would pay a writer.

However, it is imperative that you rewrite PLR content that you will use on your website, and make it 100% unique. There are a few reasons for this, but one of the main reasons is to prevent your website from getting any search engine penalties for duplicate content

Note: using PLR materials for web content is sometimes restricted by the PLR creator, so always review the content rights that come with any PLR materials you purchase before doing anything with it. That being said, once you master what you’re about to learn you should be able to quickly produce content that is indistinguishable from your source materials!


Here Are 11 Sneaky Ways to Rewrite PLR Content Fast, and Make it Completely Unique:


1. Synonyms

Time to break out the thesaurus! You can change many words and phrases throughout the PLR content by replacing them with synonymous words or phrases. This is great place to start when giving your PLR content a makeover. Just be sure to read it over to make sure everything still makes sense and flows well after your changes.


2. Add/Remove Words

Liven up those sentences with some colorful language. There are practically an infinite number of ways that you can do this. Adding a few new words to every sentence will increase the overall uniqueness dramatically. Removing any extraneous words in a sentence can also be very effective.


3. Add Sentences

Look for opportunities to insert new sentences into your paragraphs. Maybe there is an idea that you can expound on further, or maybe something that was left out that you can add. Perhaps you can add opening and closing sentences to the paragraphs in your content to help the paragraphs transition better.


4. Split Sentences

When you see long sentences, keep in mind that these can often be broken up into 2 or more sentences. You usually have to add a word or two at the beginning and/or end of the new sentences, but this is a really efficient way to alter your content.


5. Combine Sentences

Shorter sentences can often be combined with the sentences that come before or after them. This may require you to add or remove a few words and adjust the original punctuation of the sentences, but it is an effective way to help transform your PLR materials.


6. Reverse Sentences

Sometimes it is possible to move the last half of a sentence to the beginning, or vice versa. This can be tricky, so it may take some practice. As always, be sure to read through your sentence carefully to make sure that it still makes sense your changes.


7. Remove Sentences

Sometimes it may be appropriate to remove some sentences altogether. This really only applies to sentences that are redundant, or sentences that are nothing more than “fluff” or “filler”. Be careful not to remove anything important!


8. Rearrange/Restructure

Moving things around to change the overall way the information was originally structured can dramatically change the look and feel. Moving entire sentences or paragraphs to different areas of the document, breaking up sections into multiple subsections, or turning chunks of data into charts, graphs, etc. are some ways you can do this.


9. Inject Keywords

When you’re editing your PLR materials you should look for good opportunities to insert any keywords you want your article or blog post to rank for in the search engines. This should only be done in moderation to avoid being spammy, so don’t go overboard.


10. “Bulletize” Lists

This one is ninja! Whenever you see a list of several things separated by commas in a sentence it can be a good idea to turn that list into bullet points. This will completely transform almost any sentence into something completely original.


11. Spell Out Numbers

Whenever you have numbers in your content (1, 2, 3) you can instantly transform them by spelling them out (one, two, three). Of course this also works in reverse too, so if numbers are spelled out in your content then you can convert them to numerical characters instead.


There you have it! Once you get the hang of using these 11 tricks for rewriting PLR content you should be able to quickly produce content that is 100% unique, and indistinguishable from your source materials.



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